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Corrina Cafarelli Cosmetics

Post COVID-19

I would like to thank all my amazing clients for supporting me thus far in my business. I have been working extremely hard in preparing myself to get back into being able to take appointments. I know many of my clients had to reschedule their events, including weddings and proms and I can not thank you enough for your patience and understanding during this time. I am aiming to start taking appointments towards the end of June being that Phase 2 will be in full effect by then. I have been educating myself and taking all the necessary courses on proper sanitation and how to make sure the environment around you is as safe and clean as possible. With that being said I am taking this very seriously and ensuring strict protocols that must be followed. My plan is to go above and beyond what is recommended. The following list will outline those protocols as well as inform you what to expect upon your appointment. Again, I appreciate your patience as I navigate through this new challenge. 

COVID-19 Waiver Form:

Once your appointment is booked and a deposit is received I will ask for your email address and will send over my COVID-19 waiver form. You may send it back via email with the signed form scanned or if you do not have access to a scanner you may take a photo of it and send it back to me. I will not move forward with an appointment without a signed form. If multiple people are booking for one appointment each person booking my services is required to fill out a form.

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