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Bronzed Bridal Makeup

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Throughout my six years of experience within the makeup industry, I have noticed that majority of my clients request the same type of look. Of course there is nothing wrong with that! But, I wanted to create a Bridal Makeup Series for my current and future clients. Sometimes a bride may know exactly what they want and sometimes they have no idea, I am here to help! I wanted to share my Bronzed Bridal Look first with you all to give you an idea of a classic makeup look. Let me know what you all think of this series, I hope you enjoy.

Bronzed Bridal Makeup

I would like to start off by thanking Gillian for letting me create this look on her. This bronzed makeup look it is extremely wearable for everyone. There is a subtle smokiness in the eyes but not too much, the light sparkle on the center of the lid reflects beautifully in photos and in person. My favorite has to be the lashes; they are individual lashes. Individual lashes are for my natural clients that want their normal lashes to look fuller on their special day without being too over the top. They are great because I can customize them to however you like. On Gillian, I did more of glam lash. What I love about this look is the lower lash line. The eyes look awake and big but the shadow isn't too dark; it gives off a beautiful sultry effect without being too heavy.

I wanted her skin to be flawless without being too overdone. Gillian has perfect skin to begin with so I knew I didn’t need to cover any blemishes or redness. The main goal of the skin was to be photo friendly and youthful. I made sure I prepped her skin with as much skincare as I could because I wanted the face to look plump and glowy. I did use a fuller coverage foundation but mixed it with facial oil so it didn’t look heavy on her skin. I kept Gil bronzed but still added blush to add some more color to her face. In professional photography you tend to loose the color on your face so making sure the skin has the right amount of coloring is essential to every look.

Another key element in this look is the lip! I feel like this is an area where some people aren't sure where to go. My personal opinion, never go too nude. When your lip is too nude it can completely wash your entire face out, and in pictures, forget about it. My favorite lip color is in-between a pink and a brown. This color honestly looks good on everyone. If someone asks for a nude this is my go to shade. What is also amazing about this look is you can definitely wear a red lip. I always vote for a red lip, it's my signature!

Overall, this look is so beautiful and really will look good on everyone! If you are going for that, “Natural Bride to Be” this look is for you. Every look can be toned down even if this is too much for you. I tell every client, my goal is to make you look just like you but a little more enhanced for your special day.

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