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A Look Inside My Makeup Bag

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

This may be a little excessive for the average individual but, I wanted to share with you all what I keep in my makeup bag and my holy grail makeup products. These products have been my ride or die for years. I hope you enjoy this blog post and incorporate some of these products into your everyday routine.

Facial Oil:

I feel like it makes my skin smooth and glowy. I use the Estee Lauder Nighttime Repair Facial Oil, I use this morning and night!


I have to apply a moisturizer. I just feel like my skin isn’t ready for makeup if I don’t put on an oil and moisturizer first! I buy this product on amazon, I find that it is cheaper. I also use this on my clients whether you have dry, oily, or normal skin.


I have been using this primer for 2 years now. It makes the skin look amazing and fills in any pores you may have. It also helps your makeup stay on all day. This is another product I buy on amazon.


I like to change up my foundation every once in a while. But these are my two favorites. I actually have been using this stick foundation and have loving it. On days where I just want to cover my redness it is perfect and on days when I want to wear a full face of makeup it is also perfect. I totally recommend this one. I prefer a matte finish so this one is also my favorite and has been my ride or die. The way it looks on the skin and photographs just is so perfect and flawless. It is extremely full coverage so if your looking for something a little more natural this one isn’t for you, I would get the Paint Cosmetics one if you are looking for something more natural.


This is another category I like to use different products. I usually keep two different concealers in my bag just incase. This one is from the drug store so it is super affordable. It is a natural finish so you can use a little or a lot and it won't look cakey. My other favorite is this one that is very full coverage.


I will only use this one for the rest of my life…it is amazing!


This is another product I like to switch up and I also like to use a few because they all have different finishes. I like to go in and contour my face with this product and this product, then for an all over bronzer I use this one.


Okay, you can’t just have one blush…. For the most part I keep this one in the shade rose d'oro and this one in the shade rosè champagne in my bag at all times because they go with every look. A tip is to use blushes on your eyes. I sometimes just put blush in my crease, apply some mascara and head out the door. Super easy and simple look. Blush is also the first thing to fade on you throughout the day so don't be hesitant to put a little more on.


Another product I have at least two in my bag. Currently I have this one and this one in my bag. I like to add highlight to my eyes too. You'll read below I only carry one palette in my bag and it is all mattes so on days where I want a shimmer on my eyes I will apply a highlighter.

Setting Spray:

I do love the Mario Bedescu for skin prep and during my makeup application but to set my makeup once I am finished this one has been my go to!

Eyes / Brows:

I feel like this category is sometimes all over the place so I am just going to list what is in my bag currently.

- Tarte Tartlette Palette (I use this for eyeshadow & my brows)

- Lancome Monsuir Big Mascara

- Intoxicating Lashes

- Kiss Individual Cluster Lashes

- Duo Lash Glue


I rarely wear any color other than red but I usually have a few different options, just in case!

- Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Uncensored (If you see me and I am wearing red lipstick I am probably wearing this one)

- Paint Cosmetics Dulce Latte Lipstick

- Lancome Lipstick 317 Pourquoi Pas

- Chanel Lipstick 466 Carmen

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. This is my everyday makeup bag and usually what I bring when I travel. If I do travel I will probably bring another eyeshadow palette just to have some options. I hope you guys find some new products or incorporate some of these in your makeup routine. If you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments below. I would also love to know what is in your makeup bag?



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